A marketplace for fashion and styling called MJAFashion teamed up with JR INT to improve its online visibility. MJAFashion offers fashion aficionados a quick and safe buying experience with a large range of items from various brands. JR INT helped MJAFashion achieve outstanding results by creating a new website, a social media strategy, and a paid advertising campaign. They saw more sales, better social media involvement, and increased website traffic. MJAFashion is proud of their collaboration and trusts JR INT to help them increase their clientele and their business. With MJAFashion's outstanding items and convenient platform, discover the leading marketplace for fashion and styling.

  • Client
    Mitchel Johnson
  • Date
    27th October 2020
  • Categories
    Development, Photography
  • Project Head
    Mr. John Meckency
Awesome Image
Awesome Image