Martvers, a cutting-edge grocery delivery service, teamed up with JR INT to improve its online visibility and company growth. Martvers revolutionizes grocery shopping for ease and fun by using a 3D mall app created on the Unity platform with a Flutter UI. Martvers offers a wide range of foods from different supermarkets and guarantees quick delivery in a matter of minutes. Martvers saw outstanding results because to JR INT's services, which also included a new website, a social media strategy, and a paid advertising campaign. They saw an uptick in website visitors, better social media interaction, and more sales. Martvers, who are pleased with their partnership, have faith in JR INT to continue fostering the expansion of their clientele. With Martvers' extensive variety, quick delivery, and user-friendly features, you may experience the best grocery delivery app.

  • Client
    Mitchel Johnson
  • Date
    27th October 2020
  • Categories
    Development, Photography
  • Project Head
    Mr. John Meckency
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Awesome Image