High-end traditional goods brand Bera teamed up with JR INT to improve its online visibility. Using premium leather in a variety of hues and designs, Bera crafts elegant shoes with a focus on recreating the ancient Peshawari Chappal. Celebrities like Bilal Ashraf and Hamza Ali Abbasi admire Bera's shoes, which are not only popular among men and women for formal and casual situations. JR INT provided its experience in website creation, social media strategy, and paid advertising campaigns to Bera, a Peshawar-based social organization that empowers women in the workforce. As a consequence, Bera saw a rise in website traffic, better social media engagement, and greater revenue. Bera is now confidently anticipating future development with JR INT.

  • Client
    Mitchel Johnson
  • Date
    27th October 2020
  • Categories
    Development, Photography
  • Project Head
    Mr. John Meckency
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Awesome Image